5 Things Your Plumber Wishes You Wouldn’t Do

There’s no doubt about it, keeping an eye on your plumbing can be a difficult job. And while we know you probably have the best of intentions, please — if you’re committing any of these plumbing faux pas, reconsider!

  1. Using chemical drain cleaners. It can be tempting, but please, whatever you do, step away from the Drano! Chemical based drain cleaners and de-cloggers may work, but they’ll eat away at your plumbing, causing larger problems in the long run.
  2. Tossing trash in the can. We mean the can as in the porcelain throne, not the kitchen garbage or office wastebasket. Hair, cooking oil, food scraps and the like are a huge no-no. Also, beware of anything marked “flushable…” it’s a trap!
  3. Overloading the garbage disposal. Much like your toilet, there’s a limit to what can be tossed down your garbage disposal. Make sure you’re running water while you grind, but also that you’re dropping scraps down a little at a time. As always, remember to steer clear of greasy, fibrous or solid waste at all costs! These are better suited for the compost pile or the trash can.
  4. Ignoring your water heater’s lifespan. We get it — it probably sits in a deep dark corner of your home, seldom visited, making it easy to remain out of sight, out of mind. However, keeping an eye on your water heater and having it serviced regularly can make a world of difference.
  5. Opting to try DIY. We know it might be tempting to save some green and try a little DIY before calling in the pros, but please, unless you have plumbing experience, don’t! Fiddling with your plumbing on your own can actually elevate and even create issues. Instead, locate your main water valve, switch it off and wait for the professionals to arrive.

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