Learn All About Composting Toilets for Earth Day!

When most people think of composting toilets, inevitably those unsanitary portable public restrooms found at concerts and sporting events come to mind. But what you may not know, is they’re so much more than that. Using the natural process of decomposition and evaporation, and almost no water, these eco-friendly units evaporate waste and return it to the atmosphere through a vent system.

All that being said, with Earth Day coming up on Saturday, we thought we’d share a few facts about the modern day composting toilet for your reading pleasure!

  • They’re Stink-Free: It may surprise you, but composting toilets can actually remove bathroom odors from the room immediately, using suction air flow. This leaves a fresher smelling bathroom every time.
  • They Recycle: A typical composting toilet can recycle many of your household items, such as grease, lawn clippings, food scraps, and even paper.
  • They Fertilize: Grow fresher organic vegetables! Composting toilets leave you with a small amount of humic fertilizer that can be used to perk up your home garden.
  • They Cut Costs: These units slash water bills almost in half! They significantly reduce water usage 20-50% as compared to conventional toilets.
  • They’re Hassle-Free: Worry not! With a composting system, households are free from the fears of water shortages in times of disaster or drought.
  • They’re Versatile: They can be installed almost anywhere. Composting toilets can solve your plumbing woes in places where sewage is unavailable, like rural land, rocky mountains, or swampy grounds.

While composting toilets are a great solution for those without access to sewage systems, we realize this is not an ideal option for everyone. If you’re looking for help detecting leaks, battling clogs, or inspecting plumbing on your conventional toilet, Barker and Sons Plumbing & Rooter has you covered!

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