Not All Toilet Seats Are Created Equal!

That’s right! Toilet seats come in all different colors, shapes and sizes, and with a variety of useful fun features at that. Some can even be — dare we say it — life-changing! In fact, here are three fun toilet seat options that we feel can really up the ante on your next trip to the golden throne.

1. Heated Toilet Seats

Gone are the chilly morning and middle of the night bathroom trips met with the fate of a freezing cold toilet seat. Heated toilet seats make touching down a bit more bearable, and many also come with a unique glowing bonus feature. Think of it as a built-in nightlight for your bathroom! For best results, we suggest pairing this bad boy with some radiant floor heating, to keep your toes and your tush warm at all times!

2. Bidet Toilet Seats

You may have heard of standalone bidets, but did you know that there are now toilet seats that help you create a unique, 2-in-1 option for your existing bathroom? That’s right! No more making room for a bidet in your en suite. Bidet toilet seats make it easy to add an air of luxury to any bathroom — but be sure to consult a plumbing expert before setting yours up.

3. Smart Toilet Seats

Smartphones, smart TVs, Smart cars, and now smart toilet seats. What will they think of next? These technologically advanced toilet seats can be pretty pricey, but usually include the heated and bidet features mentioned above, and more. They’re very customizable and some even allow you to program multiple “users!” Depending on the features you select, they can play music, spray the toilet before and after each use and raise and lower the seat with the touch of a button. Ingenuity at its finest!

Are you in the market for a new toilet, or just considering a simple upgrade to your current can’s seat? Consult with our experts to make sure your plumbing is in perfect condition beforehand! We wouldn’t want you to spruce up your toilet, only to have problems with leaking or clogged pipes down the line.

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