Tips to Keep Your Tub Soap Scum-Free

Soap scum — it’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Why? Because not only does it look and feel icky, but it can be a real pain to clean as well. Fortunately for you, Barker and Sons has the inside info on how to get your tub clean and clear of soap scum… and keep it that way!

Give it a deep clean.

First things first — start with a clean slate. Scrub away dirt and soap scum with a good grime-fighting cleaner. (Just make sure it’s appropriate for your tub’s surface!) This might take you some time, but putting in a little elbow grease now will work wonders down the line.

Wax it up!

Thought waxing was just for your car? Think again! Making the surface of your tub nice and slick can help keep soap scum from building up. The smoother the surface, the harder it will be to adhere.

Wipe it down daily.

It might seem like more work, but consider this; would you rather put in 60 seconds worth of wiping each day, or a half hour to an hour worth of scrubbing each month? …We figured you’d choose the former.

Swap soaps.

If you feel like soap scum is building often, it may be your choice in soap, shampoo or body wash that’s to blame. Synthetic, liquid or gel soaps are your best bet. Also, consider soaking in an Epsom Salts bath every once in awhile. You’ll be fighting grime all while relaxing — can’t beat that!

At Barker and Sons Plumbing & Rooter, we take cleanliness seriously — and we’re not just talking about the soap scum ring around your tub! Our number one philosophy is prevention through proactivity, which is why we offer drain cleaning and camera inspection services to customers across the Orange County area. If there’s a problem brewing in your pipes, our plumbers will find it!

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