5 Tips to Have Your Dishes Sparkling Clean

Washing dishes is easily one of the most daunting daily tasks to tackle as a homeowner — especially if you cook often. As we all know, the more you cook, the more you have to clean! Fortunately for many homeowners, dishwashers have come to the rescue to ease the burden. If you’re lucky enough to own one though, you know that while they certainly make things easier, they don’t always leave your glassware, silverware and dishes sparkling… until now!

  1. Don’t forgo the scrape. Rinsing works for in some situations, but not all. Make sure you’re scraping food completely off your plate into the garbage beforehand, and then rinsing and loading them into the dishwasher.
  2. Utilize a rinse aid. It might seem like an unnecessary extra step, but hear us out! Adding a rinse aid to your usual dishwashing cycle helps remove water from the surfaces of your dishes and glassware completely. That means they’ll be free of dried on water spots.
  3. Buff it out. Not the best option, but an option nonetheless. If you’re not worried about time constraints (which probably isn’t the majority of us), you can easily buff your glasses and silverware sparkling with a dry cloth.
  4. Clean your dishwasher. Sounds counterproductive right? Cleaning the very machine that’s meant to clean other items. You’d think that they would clean themselves during the cleaning process, but not so much. Deep cleaning your dishwasher every six months can keep it free of hard water deposits, which in turn will keep them off your dishware.
  5. Install a water softener. Say sayonara to hard water stains all together with a water softening system for your home. Conditioning your water before it rushes into your dishwasher will virtually eliminate the issue of hard water staining altogether — doesn’t that sound lovely?

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