Landscaping & Your Plumbing System: How to Deal with Invasive Tree Roots in Your Sewer Lines

Trees are a great way to add curb appeal, improve home aesthetics and shade your patio, but if you’re thinking of adding some greenery to your landscape this summer, there is one other thing you should keep in mind — your home’s plumbing.

While trees are a beautiful part of nature, tree roots are certainly not a sewer line’s best friend. Homeowners often don’t realize the danger tree roots can have on sewer lines until it’s too late.

Keeping tree roots out of your sewers can be tricky, however, we do have some tips for preventing these types of blockages.

Be mindful of where you plant your trees!

Many homeowners don’t realize that their sewer pipes are full of all of the things that your new plant life seeks out in order to grow — water, oxygen, and nutrients. If there is a crack in your sewer line, the roots will grow into your pipes, block the lines and cause a clog.

When planting trees, know where your sewer line is and plant a reasonable distance away. For extra security, consider a slow-release chemical barrier to prevent root growth past a certain area.

How do I know if there are roots in my sewer lines?

Video Camera Sewer Line Inspections:
At Barker & Sons Plumbing and Rooter, we use state-of-the-art video technology to diagnose and pinpoint the source of your plumbing problem. We use a flexible fiber optic cable with a high-resolution video camera on the tip to see inside of your sewer lines in real-time.

You don’t have to take our word for it — you can see the roots clogging your line for yourself!

How do you repair your sewer lines?

High-Pressure Hydro Jetting
Hydro jetting blasts clogs in your pipes with a high-pressure stream of water that breaks up debris and sends them down the drain. Hydro jetting can clear out small tree roots that have already grown inside your sewer line.

This will prevent further root expansion which could lead to cracks in your line and more expensive repairs in the future.

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining
For bigger clogs and problems, sewer repair may be necessary. With trenchless sewer pipe lining, we can repair sewer lines that have been damaged due to root infiltration without digging trenches across your landscape and driveway — but that’s just one of the many benefits.

You will also save time and money on repair costs, and you will be protected with a 50-year warranty.

Common signs that tree roots may be causing your plumbing issues:

Invasive tree roots can pinch sewer lines, this is often what causes slow drainage in sinks and toilets to not flush properly.

While these are not always signs of tree root problems, a homeowner should not take these issues lightly, particularly if one or more of these symptoms are happening at the same time.

  • Slow draining tubs, sinks, and other drains
  • Clogging toilets or toilets that won’t flush properly
  • Sudden lack of water pressure
  • Burst pipe(s) in or under the home’s foundation

Homeowners who are concerned that their tree roots may be causing damage to their sewer line should contact their plumber to make sure that their sewer lines are not being affected. Need to inspect your sewer lines for unwanted tree roots? Give us a call at (714) 630-8766 or request service online today!

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