How a Sewer Camera Inspection Can Help You

Here at Barker & Sons Plumbing and Rooter, we strive to get the job done right the first time. Nobody wants a whole song and dance to get quality repairs, they just want to know they are in good hands. We care about your comfort, and we feel that a video camera inspection will give you the results you desire:

See Behind the Scenes

Getting a behind the scenes look at what is going in your drain and sewer can be beneficial because these areas are often hidden. A camera inspection will be able to tell you where the clog has occurred so the repairs can be more targeted. More targeted repairs and an enemy we can see will lead to savings for you!

Save Big in the Long Run

Let’s say you have a clog in your sewer. Before camera inspections were a thing, drain technicians would only estimate where the clog was occurring. For this reason, they had to excavate the pipe and take it apart to find where the issue was. This process took a long time, and more time leads to higher costs for you!

Stop the Bleeding

If you notice some slow moving water or gurgling noises coming from your drain, it should not be ignored! This could be a sign of expensive clogs to come. It is best to call your Barker & Sons professionals and have them take a look with the drain camera so they can diagnose the problem.

Free Camera Inspection With Barker

A video camera inspection is the best way to diagnose drain problems– we all know that now! But what if you could get a great video camera inspection for… FREE! Here at Barker & Sons, we are currently offering a free camera inspection with any drain cleaning service. Be sure to take advantage on your next appointment.

We wouldn’t be telling you about these inspections if we didn’t think they were important. We are offering it as an addition to our drain cleaning service so it literally doesn’t pay to not take advantage.

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