5 Plumbing Safety Tips From The Pros

Plumbing ain’t easy! That’s why we always suggest you leave the tricky DIY jobs to the pros. However, we know that not every plumbing problem is a huge production that requires our intervention, either. Tightening a leaky faucet or snaking a drain, for example, are perfectly fine to tackle as a novice — as long as you follow the simple safety tips below:

  1. Protect your eyes. Goggles are a must — and that goes for any home improvement project you’re working on. You never know what could come bursting out of that clogged pipe, and right at your eyes!
  2. Protect your hands. First of all, plumbing problems can be messy. So, why wouldn’t you wear gloves to being with? As an added bonus, your skin will be protected from debris and harsh chemicals, too.
  3. Never go barefoot. A good pair of shoes is your best friend, especially in the event of a slab leak or flood. Stay comfortable, all while protecting your feet from water and waste.
  4. Shut everything off. Before you start working, make sure your water, electricity and gas lines are off. That way, you can avoid causing further damage to your plumbing, your home and most importantly, yourself!
  5. Use tools cautiously. Never pick up a tool that you’re not 100% comfortable using. Cutting through pipes blindly or working with tools you’re not familiar with can actually cause more harm than good!

Without fail, the best way to handle a plumbing issue as swift and safe as possible is by putting in a call to your local plumbing company — that’s us!

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