The Facts About a Career in Plumbing

At one point, the idea was widely accepted that the only way to earn a well-paying job and support a family was by completing a four-year degree at an accredited institution. However, with the cost of education, even for state-run institutions, ever-rising, that statement is no longer always believed to be true. More and more people are turning to vocational programs after high school, or for a mid-life career change, than ever before — and for good reason too!

Encouraging Facts About Becoming a Plumber

  • A reported 53% of college graduates are either unemployed or underemployed.
    This means that pretty penny they spent on an education now has them in debt, with little-to-no means of digging themselves out anytime soon.
  • Former U.S. Secretary of Education, William J. Bennett, admitted that many four-year colleges may not actually be worth the money.
    In fact, he wrote an entire book about the subject, which can be found on Amazon, among other places.
  • After five years, with standard pay raises, a plumber will make more money than a teacher and a law enforcement official.
    Again, that’s assuming that all three individuals receive regular, standard pay increases — which is typical of their tiered pay structure.
  • The average cost of a bachelor’s degree in the United States is $127,000.
    On top of that, an estimated 70% of degree-seekers take out loans to help pay their college tuition, with 20% owing more than $50,000 in the end, and 5.6% owing more than $100,000.
  • Only 36% of first-year college students graduate within six years.
    About 40% drop out altogether, as opposed to the 1.6% dropout rate for trade schools.
  • The average cost of a vocational school of tech college is $33,000.
    Generally speaking, five years after graduating from high school, a service industry professional is debt free and has a marketable skill they can use anywhere.
  • U.S. News ranks plumbing the #1 job in the Best Construction Jobs category, and the #48 job in the Best 100 Jobs category.
    Fortunately, they also report nearly 76k plumbing jobs available on the market currently.

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