3 Things You Need to Have the Best Garden Ever

Are you interested in starting up a garden again this year?

(Well, of course, you are! You clicked on this blog — didn’t you!?)

If you’re looking to up your gardening game and show all of your neighbors how green your thumb really is, then read ahead so you can get started!


1) The Right Space

When you decide to start a garden, one of the first things you’ll need to do is pick the space where you want it to be. This is a little trickier than it sounds because you have to take some factors into consideration.

  • If your plants, vegetables, or flowers need a ton of sunlight, then you’ll need to pick a space that won’t be covered in shade at any point in the day. (And vice versa if you’re looking to have a shade garden.)
  • If you want a larger garden with different varieties of plants, then you’ll need a larger space than if you just wanted a few select plants.
  • If you want the garden to be in the ground or in planters and pots. Placing your garden in the ground may limit you to a few select areas on your property. While planters and pots allow you the freedom to garden where you want — even on the deck!

Whichever space you choose, just make sure you have enough “extra” room to accommodate your plants’ growth.

2) The Right Tools

You don’t need every tool in the shed in order to start a garden. However, there are a few select tools you should consider keeping on hand. These tools will surely make gardening a whole lot easier for you!

  • Hand-Trowel – This funny sounding tool is merely a hand-held shovel. The reason you’ll want one of these is because it’s like a swiss army knife (without changing shape). This little shovel will help you dig holes, break up large chunks of soil, move plants from one hole to the next, dig up weeds, pack down soil, etc.
  • Angled Shovel – If the hand-trowel is too small, then opt for the angled shovel. This shovel will do the exact same things as the trowel, but for larger plants in larger gardens.
  • Pruning Shears – As your plants grow, they can either become too big or some limbs may begin to die (or become damaged). With a pair of pruning shears, you’ll be able to prune your plants to ensure they remain looking beautiful and healthy for the remainder of the season.
  • Watering Can or Hose w/ Nozzle – Watering your garden is one of the most important ways to keep your garden healthy… and alive! Make sure you have a large and comfortable feeling watering can handy OR a hose with a nozzle that will allow for a slow and controlled watering. (The last thing you want is to overwater your garden or have the stream of the hose harm your plants.)

3) Working Exterior Plumbing

In order to fill up your watering can or to be able to connect your hose, you’re going to need an exterior faucet (or spigot).

If you don’t have an exterior faucet, we recommend having one installed by a professional plumber. If you do, but it is currently leaking, squirting water, or not dispensing any water at all — make sure you have it checked out ASAP.

An exterior faucet that’s acting up could be causing water damage to your home or increasing your monthly water bill (via leaks). Luckily, we’re only a phone call away and we’ll help your garden get the necessary water it needs!

We wish you nothing but luck this gardening season!