What is Water Hammer?

You shut off your faucet or flush a toilet and… BANG!

Is there a tiny man with a mallet living inside your walls just waiting to frighten you half to death?


Just some good, old-fashioned water hammer rattling your pipes and testing your nerves (and potentially ruining your plumbing).

What Causes Water Hammer?

That’s simple.

Water hammer is caused by, well, water!

When a water supply is abruptly stopped it sends a shockwave through your plumbing, commonly known as hydraulic shock.

This sudden but strong shock causes your pipes to bang against each other or against the wooden beams within your walls.

This can be caused by improper valve selection, location or poor plumbing maintenance.

What Fixtures Often Experience Water Hammer?

While any fixture from faucets and showerheads to toilets and appliances can be affected by hydraulic shock, washing machines and dishwashers are by far the most common culprits — as water running through these two appliances can go from full force to full off in a matter of seconds.

What To Do If You’re Experience Water Hammer:

  • You’ll want to install an air chamber. This will effectively prevent water from generating the waves that are traveling through your piping and causing hydraulic shock.
  • How do you do that? You call a pro! Trust us. Trying to solve a plumbing problem, like this or like any other, is not worth the extra stress. If you’re not a trained and licensed plumber, we suggest you find one that is. That way you can be sure that the issue is corrected quickly and to code.

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