What to Stay Away From During a Thunderstorm

Thunderstorms are filled with loud bangs and streaks of lightning — that’s some scary stuff.

But not only are thunderstorms scary to the eyes and ears, they can also be extremely dangerous.

When lightning strikes, make sure you’re away from…

The Outside

Obviously, being outside is the last place you want to be when you start hearing the thunder roar. Especially if the hair on your arms or the back of your neck begins to rise. Feeling this is a sign that your body is positively charged, which can conduct electricity in a negatively charged storm.

For those close to the ocean or a swimming pool, get away as fast as you can. Water can help conduct electricity, so being close to a body of water (let alone being in it or wet from previously being in it) can drastically increase your chances of being struck!


Did you know a large portion of people who are affected by lightning strikes indoors are usually on the telephone?

Hardwired phone lines can conduct electricity and carry the current if a lightning strike is close by. That’s why it’s important to never touch a landline telephone during a thunderstorm.

In addition to telephones, you should also steer clear of electronics and anything else plugged in. Many people think they’re safe from lightning strikes if they use surge protectors. However, this is a myth.

Surge protectors help stop small to medium sized surges from damaging the technology. They will NOT protect against large surges like lightning strikes.


Anything that’s connected to your plumbing system should not be used during a thunderstorm. Hold off on taking a shower (or bath), washing your hands (or dishes), and doing laundry.

Many homes still use copper piping, which can conduct electricity. However, even PVC and Hex piping can still conduct electricity — not because of the materials they’re made from, but because they’re filled with highly conductive water!

We mentioned laundry above. You REALLY want to stay away from your washer and dryer during a thunderstorm, as they utilize your plumbing AND electrical system. Double whammy!

Thunderstorms are dangerous. Why? Because lightning will usually follow…

If you ever experience problems with your plumbing, storm or no storm, pick up the phone and give us a call!

(Just don’t pick up the phone if there’s a storm rolling through your town…)