5 Things With More Germs Than a Public Toilet Seat

When exaggerating how dirty something is, you’ll usually say That’s dirtier than a toilet seat!

In our minds, NOTHING is dirtier than a toilet seat because we know what happens in the bathroom…

Unfortunately, there are a ton of things dirtier than a toilet seat — and they all happen to be things we use every single day! (And yes, the title says a PUBLIC toilet seat.)

1) Your Toothbrush

Yes, the exact toothbrush you use in your mouth each and every day… We know, this sounds like a myth, but it’s true!

On average, your toothbrush can have over 10 million bacteria on it — not to mention all of the microscopic fecal matter it has on it (from leaving it out in the holder near the toilet).

Yes, this is also true. Every time you flush the toilet, microscopic fecal matter will become airborne and will settle onto the surrounding areas, like your toothbrush.

2) The Sponge in Your Kitchen Sink

You use the sponge to clean dishes and the surfaces in your home, so how can something that cleans also be dirty?

Think about all of the surfaces the sponge will touch and then think about how often you actually replace your sponge with a new one. Chances are you’re not replacing it as often as you should be, which will contribute to the spreading of bacteria all over your kitchen.

3) Laundry Fresh Out of the Dryer

Dirty laundry is obviously covered with bacteria, this isn’t news to anyone. But did you know that even clean laundry can be covered in bacteria?

Since you’re placing dirty laundry in the washing machine, it’s possible that not all of this bacteria is killed or removed during the washing process — unless you’re using the hottest water cycle or bleach. Bacteria (including fecal matter) can survive the wash where it will eventually be transferred to the dryer.

This is why it’s important to run your washing machine on the hottest cycle with bleach or white vinegar once per week. This will help clean your plumbing appliance of any lingering bacteria that will attempt to stay latched onto your clean laundry

4) Your Lifeline

Admit it, the only time your cell phone isn’t by your side is when it’s charging or if you’re showering (or swimming). This device sees more use than probably anything else in your entire life. Think about it…

Because of all of this use, it’s important that you clean your phone each and every day. However, many of us overlook this small cleaning because we do not believe our phones are that dirty.

  • Bad News: Cell phones have 10 times more bacteria than the average public toilet seat. And just to name some of the bacteria it can carry — E. coli and Staphylococcus.

5) Handbags & Purses

When was the last time you washed your handbag or purse? Our guess is probably never or one time when you wiped it down with a wet napkin.

Think of where these bags end up; the floor of bathrooms, public transportation, office desks, restaurant tables, and the list goes on and on! The handles and bottom part of a handbag are the dirtiest and are covered in dangerous bacteria.

Not only does a handbag or purse carry more bacteria than the average public toilet, it can also transmit diseases, like Staphylococcus.

We recommend cleaning your toilet at least once per week, but we also recommend cleaning these everyday items more frequently since they do carry more bacteria.