What Your Plumber Wishes You Did to Your Shower

Yes, the shower is meant for cleaning yourself, but it’s so much than that. Your shower is your safe haven!

It’s the one place where you can get away and be with your own thoughts as you let the warm water relax your body — such bliss!

With a place as important as your shower, you should be providing it the maintenance it needs, and as a plumbing company, we’re going to tell you what you need to do!

Switch to a Low-Flow Shower Head

Showers are meant to be a quick and water-efficient way to clean yourself, but it can be SO hard to leave the shower once you’re feeling relaxed (even as plumbers, we get it).

If cutting down on your showering time is hard for you, you need to at least compromise by installing low-flow shower heads in each of your bathrooms. This will significantly cut down on the amount of water used.

In addition to changing out your shower heads for low-flow models, you should also clean them every so often to free them of inevitable calcium and magnesium buildup. Cleaning them can be as simple as allowing the shower heads to soak in white vinegar overnight. It really is that simple!

Stop Using Drain Cleaning Chemicals

Over time, the drain in your shower can eventually begin to experience slower draining times due to increased buildup in the drain pipe. Many homeowners take it upon themselves to try and clear their drain by pouring store-bought drain cleaners down it.

The chemicals that make up these drain cleaners can damage the surface of pipes over time, in addition to killing off good bacteria that helps break down waste naturally. Not to mention that drain cleaners don’t remove blockages if they’re caused by solids, like hair or other items that accidentally entered the drain.

When you experience a slow-moving drain or a complete blockage, contact your local plumber instead so they can fully remove the blockage.

Making small changes to your shower can make a world of a difference — especially when it comes to your wallet…

When you’re in need of a plumber that you can rely on for years to come, our family at Barker & Sons would like to be there for you!