When it comes to the bathrooms in your home, there are a lot of small items that are stored in them. From extra toilet paper to candles, some items are seen in almost every bathroom.

However, there are some items that are seen in almost every bathroom that should NOT be there. Just because they’re part of your morning routine, doesn’t mean this is the place to keep them.

Make sure you double check your bathrooms, remove any of these items from them, and find them a new spot elsewhere in your home.

1) Towels

This one you might be scratching your head at…

Why wouldn’t you keep spare towels in the bathroom where you shower daily? Because due to the excess steam and moisture from these showers, your bathroom is constantly at risk for mold growth.

Towels hold onto moisture, so if there are a stack of towels that are damp — chances are some of them will begin growing mold spores that can be harmful to your bathroom and your health.

2) Jewelry

For those of you that get ready for the day in your bathroom, you may want to consider keeping your jewelry outside of the bathroom. Due to the excessive steam and moisture bathrooms can exhibit, your jewelry can become tarnished very easily.

You want to keep watches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and everything else inside of a case or jewelry box in a cool and dry place.

3) Perfume & Cologne

One of the last things we do when getting ready is put on a slight spritz of perfume or cologne to complete the ensemble. But like your jewelry, you should opt to keep your favorite scents in a cool and dry place as well.

Bathrooms can get extremely hot and filled with moisture due to showering, which can cause the perfume or cologne to heat up within its bottle as well. This can cause your favorite scents to become sour and this will drastically change the way they smell — for the worse…

4) Extra Razor Blades

As you use your razor for shaving, you’ll end up using the current blade in enough time where it will not rust while being stored in the bathroom (based on those who use their razors frequently).

On the other hand, the additional razors that come in the multi-packs shouldn’t be kept with your razor. By the time you get to the last razor or two, there’s a good chance some rust may have started to develop due to the moisture that bathrooms see.

Instead, keep your extra razor blades in a storage closet outside of the bathroom (possibly where you keep extra towels, toilet paper, soap, etc.

5) Medicine

On the label of almost every medicine bottle, it says to store in a cool, dry place (between temperatures of 68 and 77 degrees). Therefore, storing them in the mirror cabinet on the wall in the bathroom is a bad idea.

Moisture and hot temperatures from hot showers can cause medication to lose potency or even become expired earlier than the date that is labeled on the bottle. Instead, keep medicine in a designated area in the bedroom or kitchen (preferably out of sight).

Bathrooms are known for storing a ton of small items, but there are a few that should be kept out of this room.

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