What are your plans tonight? Well, cancel them, because tonight you should take a bath!

Not only is January Bath Safety Month, but today, specifically,  marks a pretty vital day in the plumbing world — Bubble Bath Day. Ok, ok, it’s not vital, but it is luxurious, relaxing, and one we just simply enjoy.

To celebrate, we wanted to share with you five significant reasons why every home can benefit from a bathtub.

1. Better Resale Value

If you’re not in your forever home, or even if you are, having at least one bathtub can make your home more desirable to potential buyers. A bath is relaxing, visually appealing, and useful for people with smaller children. If you are planning a bathroom remodel anytime soon — this is something to keep in mind.

2. A Way to Decompress

What’s better after a long day than a nice soak in the tub? Though a shower can be great too, a bath is a perfect way to create a spa-like experience. Grab your glass of wine, plop in your bath bomb and enjoy!

3. Safer For Children

If you have little ones or plan to in the future — you’ll be thankful for your bathtub. With a few safety precautions, such as a slip-proof mat, a tub is a perfect way to get your younger child excited for bath time. Supervised baths, can be a great bonding experience, too.

4. Adds to the Decor

Nothing catches your eye more in the bathroom than a beautiful claw foot tub. It’s a statement piece that brings the room together.

5. You Can’t Bathe in a Shower

They always say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. You might not enjoy your bathtub as much as you should — but when it’s gone, you’ll be sure to notice. You can always take a quick shower in your tub but try laying in a shower stall — it’s just not doable.

For more information about your home’s bathrooms and the plumbing inside of it, our pros here at Barker and Sons would love to help!