Storage Tips For Small Bathrooms

When it comes to proper storage, one of the most frustrating places to be lacking this is your bathroom. Sometimes, it can feel like your sink is being overrun by products and that your tiny little bathroom is just too small to fully enjoy. Luckily, we have some solutions.

Increase Your Towel Racks

One of the most common storage issues is where to put your towels. It can feel like they are everywhere — especially in a larger family. To have enough space to properly dry them, consider adding more towel racks on the wall. You can stack them above each other or use doorknobs instead since they take up less space and can properly hold your towel.

Add Shelving

If you really take a look at your bathroom layout, you might realize there is a lot of wasted space, so why not change that? Add shelving above your toilet, over your bathroom door, or anywhere you see fit to hold some of your odds and ends that just don’t make it into the medicine cabinet.

Create Focal Points

One way to really diminish the feeling of a small room is by focusing on the bigger, more open spaces. When it comes to decorating your tub or shower, use it as your focal point for the whole room.

Change Up Your Sink Situations

Have a pedestal sink? Think about adding a cabinet under it or even a curtain. By doing this, you can add storage without adding clutter.

Install A Second Shower Rod

One way to gain some space inside the shower is by adding a second shower rod to hang your bath caddy from. By having the double rod,  you can add several bath caddies along the wall, making it easier to store all your family’s shower needs.

For more information about your home’s bathrooms and the plumbing inside of it, our pros here at Barker and Sons would love to help!