The Most Common Signs of Hard Water in the Home

You deserve to have clean, safe, and fresh tasting water straight from the tap. However, many Orange County homeowners are unaware of the quality of their water.

Does it have a not so refreshing taste? Does your home buildup soap scum with ease? If so, hard water could be the reason, and water testing might be needed. What exactly does hard water mean for you and your home? We have some answers below:

Unsightly Water Spots and Strange Stains

That rusty colored stain in your toilet or those spots building up on your faucet are all signs that your water quality is suffering. The magnesium and calcium minerals build up on your fixtures, leaving you with unsightly stains.

Your Pipes are Clogging

Those minerals that are leaving stains throughout your home can also be causing some damage to your pipes, too. As the water heats up, the minerals solidify and build up on the inside of your pipes. Over time this can lead to lower water pressure and possible pipe corrosion.

Your Clothes Won’t Get Clean

Your clothes are not immune to hard water woes. When high levels of calcium and magnesium are present, they attach to your clothing and make it harder for your detergents to rinse them off properly. You might find that your clothes look dingy, faded and can even break them down enough to leave tiny little holes. Costing you money in the long run.

Shorter Appliance Lifespans

By now it’s probably no surprise that hard water could also be causing issues with your appliances, too. To get the clean you are used to, you’ll have to use more detergents, your appliances will most likely have limescale build up in the plumbing and in the machine itself, and they are using more energy, all leading to a shorter lifespan.

Scheduling Water Testing

Overall, by getting your water tested, and investing in a water treatment system, you can stop hard water in its tracks!

Soap scum taking over your home? It’s your water quality. Call Barker and Sons Plumbing & Rooter today and allow our professionals to provide a full water quality report and a range of options to help you get better water, faster.