5 Bathroom Related Holiday Gifts

Who doesn’t enjoy giving a great gift for the holidays? While many of us might spend our days looking for the perfect gift for those special to us, sometimes the best and most practical gifts are the ones that last a lifetime. Whether it a gag gift or a stocking stuffer, here are five holiday options to consider:

1. A Toilet Paper Roll or Two

If you are looking for that extra thing to open, or something that will get a good chuckle, consider wrapping a roll or two of your favorite toilet paper. You can even throw in a few rolls with a funny saying or image printed on it for a laugh. 

2. A Bathtub Caddy

For those who love to sit and take a nice long bath, a caddy or table is a great way to show you care. Consider filling it with some bath-friendly soaps or balms (be sure they won’t lead to a plumbing clog, though). 

3. A Shower Mirror

For those who like to multitask in the shower, a fog-proof mirror is a great way to do just that! Remove a face mask or even shave with ease since you’ll be able to see what you’re doing. Some more expensive models also come with a blue-tooth speaker, allowing you to sing along to your favorite tunes, too.

4. A Game or Two

From toilet golf to a brain teaser crossword, there are a variety of bathroom activities to consider. Let your favorite golfer perfect their shot or keep your mind busy with trivia. These smaller ticket items will get a lot of use.

5. A Gift for Drain Prevention

Though for those with beards grooming is an important task, the process could do a number on your drains — that is when you don’t protect them. With a beard hair catcher or apron, your favorite bearded man can attach it to the mirror, covering the sink so that all clippings stay far away from the drain, ultimately protecting you from a clog.

No matter what gift you choose, don’t forget that it’s the thought that counts.

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