Pro Tips For Washing Shower Doors

Though shower doors could be an excellent, aesthetically-pleasing addition to your bathroom decor, they may also be a pain point when it comes time to clean. Between water spots and streaks, it can feel like the moment you finish cleaning them, another smudge appears.

However, these pro tips can ensure you are getting sparkly, shiny, and cleaner glass doors: 

Consider Natural Cleaning Products

Believe it or not, some of the best glass cleaners can come right from your fridge or pantry. Lemon and vinegar are both beautiful natural cleaning products that can leave your glass streak-free.

If you are using vinegar: warm-up it for 60 seconds in a microwave-safe bowl before transforming it to a spray bottle to mix with water. Spray, let sit for a bit, then wipe.

For lemon juice: mix with distilled water, shake, and spray. 

No matter which solution you choose, make sure you wipe your doors with a microfiber cloth, being careful to buff any streaks as you go.  

Invest in a Daily Shower Spray

Many natural brands now make daily shower sprays. These mixes can be sprayed and left after every shower to help reduce the chance of mold, mildew, and stains. Not to mention, they leave your bath smelling even fresher than before. 

Invest in a Squeegee 

If you want to get a streak-free glass, you’ll want to invest in a shower squeegee to use after each shower. By whisking the water away, you can reduce drips and stains and keep your glass shiny.

Get Rid of Hard Water 

One of the main reasons shower doors can begin to look dingy and streaky fast in California is the hard water. By investing in a water softener, you can reduce the need to scrub your shower doors, not to mention the fantastic benefits it has on the rest of your home, too.

If you are struggling with hard water in your home, the experts at Barker and Son Plumbing are here to get you fresh, cleaner, and softer water fast. Contact us today!