The Truth About Bath Bombs and Your Drains

The Reason Why Bath Bombs Could Be Harming Your Plumbing. 

For many, a nice long bath could be a great end to a long day. Not only can it be relaxing and refreshing, but it can be a time to decompress. For bath lovers everywhere, one addition that might have been added to their luxurious bath routine is bath bombs. They may come in a variety of scents, fragrances, and uses, but what do these newfound bath balls do to your plumbing? Here’s what you should keep in mind: 

The Possibility of a Clogged Up Drain

For some, it might be the additional glitter in the bombs; some even include salts and oils, which you may already know can stick and hard inside your pipes, leading to a clog. Though they might partially break down, over time, the remnants that are left can build up in your drains.

If they are oil-based bath bombs, that liquid will harden as it cools down, leaving you with a significant plumbing problem.

Consider Protective Measures

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to kick your bath bomb love to the curb; just be careful of how you utilize them. Consider investing in a protective nylon cover. This will allow for any contents that might be harmful to your drains to stay in the bag (old pantyhose can do the trick, too). 

Be Diligent About Cleaning 

When you do decide to use bath bombs for your bath, don’t skip on your drain cleaning. A DIY mixture of vinegar and water can be a great way to prevent significant clog. Let it sit for a bit, and then flush with hot water. If you notice your tub is slow to drain or a clog keeps occurring, it might be time to call the professionals.

Drain Cleaning in Orange County

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