Fall Drain Cleaning Tips

Reasons Your Household Drains Keep Clogging

Fall is not far away, and for many families in Orange County, it’s a time of busy school schedules, leaving some home maintenance to go to the waste side. One thing that can easily be ignored is your drains, that is until they stop draining. However, with the right habits and routine cleanings, you can have clear plumbing all fall long: 

Know What’s Causing Your Drain Clogs

Drain clogs can occur for a variety of reasons, and many of them could be easily avoidable. From starters, if the clog occurs in the bathroom, hair, soap, skin particles, and more could be the significant cause, and a drain screen could be an affordable fix to keep it from recurring.

Constantly dealing with a stopped up kitchen sink? It might be a good idea to pay attention to how you clear your plates or dispose of your grease and fats. A few food particles here and there, and some fat and oil slipping down the drain might seem like no big deal, but to your plumbing, it can lead to a significant backup and clog.

Avoid The Easy DIY Solution

Those liquid drain cleaners might seem like an affordable way to get the job done, but the long term effects could cost you in the end. Many store-bought chemical cleaners that promise clean drains can eat away at your plumbing just like they do the clog, and leave you to need repairs down the line, especially with regular use. 

Safely Schedule A Professional Drain Cleaning 

The best thing for your plumbing is to invest in professional cleaning. And fall is the perfect time to have your professional drain cleaning done! And though it’s a different season than the year before, our team is doing all they can to ensure your safety and theirs isn’t compromised.

All equipment that we use and all surfaces we touch are cleaned before we leave. Gloves and boot covers will always be worn and though we’d love to say hello, our team will keep a safe distance and refrain from shaking hands. So if you’ve been putting off clearing your drains, you can rest assured our team is here to help without putting you at risk.

See our full list of safety procedures here. 

Drain Cleaning in Orange County

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