Is Your Bathroom Safe?

January is National Bath Safety Month. Though our bathroom can be a place of calm and quiet. A place where many of us can get a few seconds of peace and relaxation can also quickly become a place for predictable accidents. 

However, with the right preparation and knowledge, you can ensure that you’re doing your part to prevent a slip and fall or possibly a burn in your once calm environment. 

Top Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Space Safe

Avoid The Clutter

Whether you have toddlers or elderly parents living with you, the more stuff and clutter, the more likely they are to trip and fall. Even the smallest bathroom can be a bit less cluttered with some creative thinking. For instance, use cabinets or extra shower curtains to use some wasted space on the walls instead of the floor. 

Reconsider Your Rugs

A floor mat can be a great pop of color or accent piece for your bathroom, but purchasing the wrong one could be a safety hazard. All bathroom mats should have a slip-proof back. If not, when wet, they can easily lead to a slip and fall. 

Burn Prevention Is Key

A quick switch of your hot water knob, and you could have a scolding situation on your hand. Ensure your water heater thermostat is set to 120 F or lower to help prevent bath water from getting too hot, especially if you have young ones in the home. 

Consider Your Shower or Tub’s Safety

For tubs that are hard to climb out of, you might want to consider adding in grab bars. For stand up showers, consider adding in a seated up for extra comfort and safety too. There are many modern options now that you can build right into the wall.

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