3 Water Saving Tips for Gardeners

April is National Gardening Month. A time to enhance your yard and showcase your inner green thumb! However, for those living in Orange County, CA, warmer days can make it feel like keeping your garden watered is a job all on its own.

Not to mention the amount of water you use with each season. That is, of course, if you haven’t planned a way to reduce water waste!

If you are looking to have a flourishing garden while being conscious of the amount of water it takes to grow it, keep these water savings tips in mind: 

Water-Saving Tips for Home Gardens in Anaheim

1.Harvest The Rain

Instead of relying on water from your outdoor plumbing source, consider reusing what nature gave you and investing in a rain barrel or tank. These options will collect and store rainwater runoff from your rooftops and are best suited for flower and nonedible gardens. The right tank can last you up to 20 years, too! 

2. Utilize Mulch

Mulch is not only a great addition to your garden’s design; it also slows water evaporation and helps the soil retain its moisture when spread about 2 to 3 inches deep.

Bonus: it also is known to reduce the sprouting of weeds meaning less maintenance for you! 

3. Be Strategic About Your Plant Options

When picking out your new plant options for your yard, look to find those native to your area or that require less watering. Though a variety is excellent, while you’re placing them around your yard, you’ll want to keep those with similar water needs near each other.

Finally, consider spacing your plants tightly and shoulder to shoulder. This will allow them to provide shade for the soil to slow down water evaporation. 

While you’re planning your garden landscaping or watering your new plants, if you notice any plumbing problems or issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Barker and Sons plumbing for help! 

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