Extreme Heat and Your Plumbing

It’s no secret that hot summer days can take a toll on your electricity, air conditioning, gardens, and other household fixtures, but what about your plumbing? 

Just like the rest of your home’s systems, your plumbing is not immune to the effects of extreme heat, and here are some of the things to look for when the temperature suddenly rises: 

Expanded Pipes

A sudden change in the temperature, like a heatwave, can bring on some unexpected issues around the home, including in your pipes. When temperatures rise, your plumbing pipes are at risk for expansion, and in extreme cases, can lead to a burst and require replacement down the line. 

More Plumbing Leaks

With the increase of summer laundry, the need for watering grass, and the use of sprinkler systems, plumbing leaks have a higher chance of occurring. If ignored, they can eventually burst or lead to extreme water damage.

Water Pressure Change

Since leaks are more common, the chances of lower water pressure increase, too. If you see a sudden dip in water pressure, it’s vital you get a professional to take a look at your plumbing. 

Increase in Drain Issues

The most common issue we see in the summer is drain issues. From sand in your plumbing to constant showers and laundry, drains go through a lot of wear and tear in the summer months, increasing the chances of buildup and clogs. Instead of going to a DIY drain cleaner, it’s best to consider a yearly drain cleaning to prevent a further issue down the line. 

Your Local Anaheim Plumber

If you have an unexpected change in water pressure or constantly clogged drains, the experts at Barker and Sons Plumbing are here to help fix your plumbing problems with ease.

We offer various residential plumbing and emergency services to meet each of our customers’ needs individually. For more information about our plumbing services, schedule a consultation today.