When to Consider Water Treatment

Water quality plays a major role in many issues within your home. It can alter your family’s health, but it could cost you money on unnecessary repairs. With the proper water treatment, you can ensure these three home problems are fixed and that your family’s quality of life is restored. 

Here are three signs it’s time to consider a water treatment: 

1. A Strange New Taste

Have you noticed your drinking water suddenly tastes off to you? Even if you’re just simply brushing your teeth, a strange new taste in your water is an indication that your water quality is suffering. Whether you have a water system that needs to be checked or need water testing, it’s time to contact your trusted plumber to get your water issues under control. 

2. Water Pressure Issues

Poor quality water can lead to scaling and sediment buildup. This isn’t an instant thing and will occur over time, restricting your water pressure and flow. As this happens, these sediments and build-up can break off into your water, lowering its quality and making it unsafe to consume. No matter the cause, a change in water pressure should always be explored and never ignored.

3. Hard Water Spots in the Home

Noticing your house is being overrun by soap scum? Is there a strange brown or red stain resembling rust in your toilet? Hard water could be your cause. For starters, soap and whatever minerals in hard water do not work well together. When they are combined, they leave behind soap scum in your shower, faucets, and possibly even on your dishes. 

Now, what about that strange new stain in your toilet? That could be the sign of a rusty pipe, signaling that it is time to call a plumber. 

If water issues are present, you may also notice constantly needing to repair or replace your appliances, skin issues throughout your home, funny-smelling water, or your continually seeing clogs throughout your plumbing.

Water Softening and Treatment Services 

If you have any of the above issues, the experts at Barker and Sons Plumbing are here to help explain your water issues and options. 

We also offer emergency plumbing services to meet each of our customers’ needs individually.  For more information about our plumbing services, schedule a consultation today.