The Benefits of a Garden Vs. a Lawn

Many envision their dream home with the perfect property to match. There might be a porch, a long and freshly done driveway, a cute mailbox, and in most cases, a green and luscious lawn.

Though a front and back yard full of green grass might seem like the only way to go, many are taking that perfect home vision and swapping the traditional lawn for a garden. 

Though it might not be the most minimalist sight, it can provide a lot of benefits for you and your family.

So if you have been on the fence about growing a garden or worried about the space it may take, here are a few reasons to consider creating your own floral oasis.

1. Save on Your Grocery Bill

Adding a fruit and vegetable garden to your property is an affordable way to eat healthier meals. Each square foot of the garden can roughly grow about a pound of produce, saving you a decent amount of money each month at the local store.

2. Save on Mower Repair

Less lawn means less need to mow! If you have a landscaper, you could also consider canceling them as your new space will be maintained by your green thumb. Though your time is priceless, the joy you get from doing a new hobby will compensate for the extra hours spent in your new garden.

3. The Earth Will Thank You Too

Every time you mow your yard, you are contributing to gas emissions. So what happens when you switch the lawn for a garden? Well, gardens are known to improve soil quality and contribute to a cooler climate, reducing your impact on climate change. 

4. Safer for Your Drinking Water

A lawn takes a lot of upkeep to keep it lush and green; not only do you have to regularly water it, but often fertilizers and other chemicals are used to keep it growing as it should. This has been said to leak into the soil and possibly lead to less-than-perfect water quality. 

5. Reduce Stress

Gardening is a great hobby that helps reduce stress and increases mobility. It’s been known to make you feel peaceful, focused, and assist with concentration. Taking care of all your vegetables, fruit, or flowers allows you to get fresh air and sunlight, too! 

And one of the most important aspects of caring for your garden is ensuring you have the means to safe, clean water too!

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