Should You Clean Your Drains Yourself?

Being a homeowner can feel like a never-ending list of to-dos. Some of these may have been routinely on your list, while others come out of the blue, throwing off your schedule. Either way, many can feel like various unexpected costs and work, leading several to choose as many Do It Yourself (DIY) options. Though for many cases, including routine drain cleaning, this can be a good affordable option, it’s also valuable to know when it’s time to call in the professionals.

 As Anaheim, California’s trusted residential plumber, we often see many unsure how, when, or even if they should clean their home drains. Though unclogging a drain can be a quick fix without the need for our team, here’s what to consider if you do decide to tackle it yourself: 

Skip The Chemicals

You might be tempted to go right to the store-bought bottle cleaner, but this quick fix can do more harm than good. Though it may resolve your clog, for the time being, long-term use can lead to wear and tear of your plumbing and pipes and possibly still leave some major blockage behind. In the end, the more you use, the more costly the final repair may be. 

Try to Practice Proper Prevention

If you feel confident in at-home drain cleanings, be sure to also start taking measures to help prevent the frequency of them. Keep grease and fats out of your sinks, and don’t allow hair and soap to constantly go down the drain – you can do this with a trusty drain catcher. 

Know When to Call the Plumber

If your constant efforts are leading to constant clogs, it might be time to consider a plumber instead. Something deeper, like tree roots, might be the cause of your ongoing clog woes.

Drain Cleaning in Orange County

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