Why You Should Start The Year With A Clean Sewer Line

Though plumbing emergencies are not scheduled or planned, there are ways they could be prevented. From a burst pipe to water damage due to an ignored leak, the more you know the warning signs, the better chance you have as a homeowner of not finding yourself in an emergency plumbing situation.

One way to do your part in prevention is with yearly sewer line cleanings. Here are just a few of the benefits you can see when you take the time to ensure your sewer lines are inspected and clean: 

Get Rid of Those Constant Clogs

Household clogs are more than just an inconvenience; they usually show something more going on in your plumbing, especially if they are constant. Many DIY methods will remove the blockage for the time being, but that’s only for minor clogs; only professionals can use their expertise and equipment to spot bigger issues like invasive tree roots. 

That’s why drain cleanings are key to help stop any buildup that might be occurring from lack of care and spot any blockages early on before an emergency. 

Get Better Drainage in Your Home

Often find your relaxing shower has now turned into a bath from a slow shower drain? Has the toilet plunger become a daily tool in your bathroom? With clear and clean plumbing, you can ensure faster and better drainage. Though you may never see a major clog or backup, that slow drainage could be caused by ignored scum and buildup in your pipes. Eventually, that can lead to a major backup in your sewer system. 

Rid Your Home of Odor

So not only do clogs cause overflow, unnecessary need for plunging, and slow drainage, but they can also leave your bathroom, kitchen, or, frankly, anywhere with plumbing with a foul odor. All that hair, skin cells, and soap scum could be the cause of that new scent you have been noticing, so a routine drain cleaning might be the answer to your smelly home issues. 

It’s a Great Way to Prevent Leaks

The most impactful thing that keeping your sewer lines routinely clean can do is help you do your part in preventing a leak. The more buildup and blockage there is the more chance of breakage and cracks. So though you might be considering saving money and avoiding the cleaning, remember that a leak and breakage will not only waste water but could cost more to repair, leaving you with an emergency you could have prevented.

Sewer Cleaning Services in Orange County

If you suspect you might have a blockage or tree roots in your plumbing, our dedicated team is here to help you get to the root of the cause. Whether you need a small repair or a full replacement, we’ll provide you with all options so you can make the best decision for you today! Contact our team today!