Sewer Maintenance Tips for the Coming Year

Ah, the New Year in Anaheim! While many are busy making resolutions, let’s not forget an essential part of our homes: our sewer lines. Just like in any family, everyone has a role, and your sewer lines are the unsung heroes, keeping your drains flowing smoothly.

Let me tell you a story that’s as familiar in Orange County as the sun on a clear day. Once upon a recent New Year’s, I met a lovely couple, the Johnsons, facing a messy situation. Their home, their sanctuary, was under threat from something lurking beneath – a neglected sewer line.

1. Get Yearly Inspections

Regular check-ups are crucial. Just like you wouldn’t skip a yearly doctor’s visit, your sewer lines also need regular inspections. The Johnsons hadn’t had their lines checked in years. The result? A small problem turned big.

Annual camera inspections are your best friend. It’s a sneak peek into the unseen, ensuring nothing is broken, cracked, or deteriorating.

2. Take Daily Preventative Measures

Now, here’s where daily care comes in, like reminding your kids to eat their carrots. What goes down your drains and toilets can make or break your sewer health.

The Johnsons learned the hard way that flushing anything other than waste and toilet paper spells trouble. Coffee is not breakfast for your sewer lines, and wet wipes, grease, and food scraps are definitely bad for your sewer lines.

If you notice your toilets are making strange sounds and smells, your bathtubs and sinks are draining slowly, or unexplained wet spots in your yard or floors, you may have a sewer line problem. Contact us for quick, reliable plumbing services 24 hours a day.

3. Professional Cleaning

Every now and then, everyone needs a spa day, even your sewer lines. The Johnsons hadn’t thought about professional sewer line cleaning, but it was a game-changer for them.

If you notice one or more of your drains are clogged or draining slowly, it might be time to schedule hydro jetting by professionals like us at Barker and Sons. Professional cleaning will wash away build-up before it becomes a problem.

4. Be Prepared

In Orange County, we know all about being prepared for unexpected weather. The same goes for your sewer lines.

If sewer trouble strikes you, remember, Barker and Sons is just a call away. Having a trusted plumber on speed dial is like having an umbrella ready for a rainy day. Even here in sunny Southern California, it still pays to be prepared.

A Year of Happy, Clean Sewer Lines

Thankfully, The Johnsons’ story ended well, thanks to a little education and timely help from Barker and Sons. As we step into this New Year, let’s make a resolution to keep our sewer lines as healthy as our families.

Regular inspections, daily prevention, professional drain cleaning, and being prepared for emergencies are your four pillars of sewer line health.

Here’s to a year of happy, healthy homes in Anaheim and beyond!