Common Causes of Clogged Drains

Three girls at sleepover looking into mirror in bathroom

You probably wouldn’t classify any plumbing problem as good, but there are certainly ones that cause more of a headache than others. In our opinion, clogged drains are one of the worst! When the pipes running to and from your sink or shower aren’t performing properly, it can get pretty difficult to do basic household chores like wash the dishes or complete every day tasks like bathe and wash your hands. But what causes those clogs in the first place? While you may think it’s just a matter of poor timing and bad luck, you could be clogging your drains without even knowing it by getting rid of these products:

Grease: Although it seems like it can be poured down the drain pretty easily, when it has time to sit in your pipes grease can cause major damage. Even when using it for cooking purposes and tossing it down the sink is convenient, you must think twice about your actions – instead, try pouring any excess into an empty can that you can dispose of safely.

Hair and Makeup: Beauty products may help with your appearance, but they certainly don’t help with your plumbing. To prevent a clog specifically in the bathroom, you’re much better off by including old makeup and gels/liquids that you use to style your hair with the rest of your daily garbage.

Paint: While this might not be something you use every day, homeowners often wind up with a paint can or two stored in the basement or garage after a home improvement project is complete. And, like grease, many tend to think that you can just wash all of the excess away. The truth, though? You can’t!

The next time you think about turning to your drains to get rid of common items and materials, we hope you’ll step back and remember that not all household products are plumbing friendly. What other items have you considered sending down your pipes? If you’re on the fence about using your drain to dispose of an item, just don’t! To keep your plumbing running smoothly, the only thing that should really go down the drain is water (unless it’s your garbage disposal, of course).

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