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Are you aware of your household appliances lifespan? Most homeowners don’t even give it a second thought until a breakdown occurs. In fact, at times, this lifespan can be cut drastically short by reasons entirely in your control. One of those reasons being hard water. Orange County has pretty lousy water quality. However, we oftenRead article…

You deserve to have clean, safe, and fresh tasting water straight from the tap. However, many Orange County homeowners are unaware of the quality of their water. Does it have a not so refreshing taste? Does your home buildup soap scum with ease? If so, hard water could be the reason, and water testing mightRead article…

Looking for a way to celebrate Memorial Day tomorrow? Now is the perfect time to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Though you might have weekend BBQ or family get-togethers planned, we encourage you to take the time to give thanks to the reason we celebrate in the first place.Read article…

When asked “what makes our business stand out from the rest?” the answer is easy: our commitment to customer service. When you choose us, you choose to work with family, and we make it a point to always treat you as such. So much so, that we can proudly say that once again, we’ve wonRead article…

Remodeling your bathroom doesn’t always happen often, and when it comes time to pick out your design, the options can seem overwhelming, especially when it comes to your shower fixtures. There are a large number of different designs and styles that you can choose for a showerhead.  You can select one based on the amountRead article…

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