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There’s nothing better than a long, hot bath after a long, tiring day! We don’t give much thought to our water heater until it goes out, right? We just count on hot water being ready and waiting when we need it. So how do you know which water heater is right for you? You have a lot to consider when selecting a new hot water heater for your home. Basically, you should choose a system that will not only provide enough hot water for your entire family’s needs, but also one that will be energy efficient.

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At Barker & Sons Plumbing we don’t just install new water heaters, we will help you decide what type and size is best for your home and family needs. We’re all familiar with the conventional storage water heater, but did you know there are actually many other types of systems available to you. Take a look…

  • Conventional Storage Water Heaters – these heaters, which come in many sizes, store hot water in a large tank, offering hot water when you need it
  • Demand (Tankless or Instantaneous) Water Heaters – these wall-mounted units heat water directly without the storage tank; there are compact and energy efficient
  • Heat Pump Water Heaters – these move heat from one place to another instead of generating heat directly for providing hot water
  • Solar Water Heaters – as you expect, these use the sun’s heat to provide hot water
  • Tankless Coil and Indirect Water Heaters – these units use the home’s space heating system to heat waterWhat you think might work best or sounds the coolest, may not always be the best option for your particular home, so keep these considerations in mind as well when shopping for a water heater:
  • Fuel type, availability and cost – the energy source you use for water heating not only affects the operation cost of your heater, but also its size and energy efficiency
  • Size – you need to properly size your unit according to the layout and size of your home in order to have enough hot water for all of your needs
  • Energy efficiency – you want to maximize your energy and cost savings, so know how energy efficient a hot water heater is before you purchase it
  • Costs – this isn’t just how much the unit itself costs, but also estimate the annual operating costs compared to other models

There you go… hot water heaters in a nutshell! Like we said before, this is our profession and we’re anxiously waiting for your call so we can help you make the right decisions that will not only provide everyone in the home a hot shower, but also put a little bit of money back into your pocket. Because sometimes it’s best to stay out of hot water, if you know what I mean!