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Sewer Camera & Drain Video Inspections

Our state-of-the-art video technology helps us to expertly diagnose and pinpoint your plumbing problem saving you time and money

Sewer Line Camera Inspections in Orange County

With video camera sewer line inspections, we can see inside your drain & sewer lines as well as inside the drain pipes in your walls. Our video camera plumbing inspections allow for real-time visual inspection of underground sewer lines and other piping to determine the condition of your pipes or the cause of the obstruction.

Our state-of-the-art technology uses a flexible fiber optic cable with a high-resolution video camera on the tip that transmits images to find the issue’s exact location. Our professionally trained technicians can pinpoint problems with drains or sewage lines that require repair or replacement, such as broken, cracked, deteriorating, or collapsed pipes and root intrusion.

When is a Sewer Line Video Camera Inspection Necessary?

You’re Having Sewer Line Problems

Camera inspections can eliminate the guesswork when it comes to your drains and sewer lines. Instead of wondering what’s causing the problem and guessing at the best solution, our team will be able to quickly and efficiently identify deterioration from aging, root intrusion or other damage without digging, which saves a tremendous amount of time and money.

A sewer camera inspection should be the first step a professional plumber takes when diagnosing a sewer line issue. You might want to consider having a camera inspection for your drain or sewer line if any of the following warning signs are true:

  • You are experiencing frequent clogs and blockages
  • Drain problems are occurring in various areas of the pipes
  • You are not sure whether or not tree root intrusion has occurred
  • You keep having to schedule professional sewer repairs
  • Your toilets are bubbling and gurgling
  • Your pipes are old and you suspect they may be deteriorating
  • You are not sure what is causing your drain and sewer problems

If you notice one or more of these common signs of a main sewer line problem, an inspection should be done immediately. Inspections are designed to help our team determine exactly what’s causing your drain or sewer issue. From there, we can quickly and effectively carry out any necessary repairs or replacements, providing you with greater peace of mind in knowing that we’ve found a solution that will last.

It’s Time for Routine Sewer Line Maintenance

A yearly inspection of your sewer and pipeline system can catch any sign of a problem before it becomes a major repair. Tree roots, cracks, and outdated pipe materials (e.g., Terracotta clay, galvanized steel, or Orangeburg) are things our plumbers can find when performing a routine video inspection. 

These inspections will find any current problems or issues that could damage the line in the future. Don’t wait until your pipes are causing problems inside your home to call for a video inspection!

Benefits of Video Camera Inspections

  • Accuracy: Using a camera to dive deep into your sewer pipes takes the guesswork out of diagnosing a current or potential plumbing problem. Think of it as a realistic alternative to x-ray vision! By snaking a camera down into your pipes, we’re able to see exactly what’s going on to correct and prevent a variety of sewer line issues.
  • Safety: The days of digging sewer lines and breaking through sheetrock to diagnose a plumbing problem are over. With a minimally invasive camera inspection, figuring out what’s going on is not only safer but a lot less messy.
  • Speed: Since we no longer have to do any demolition or trial-and-error to diagnose and fix a plumbing problem, we’ll be able to determine a solution faster. That means you’ll be able to get back to your daily business, using your water for cleaning, showering, and teeth brushing as needed!
  • Peace of Mind: Nobody wants to experience a sewer back-up into their home or on their property. Most main sewer lines are underground and out of sight, therefore, potential problems would also be hidden. Routine inspections of the main sewer line can help identify these issues so they can be addressed.

Read more for the full list of benefits of video camera pipe inspections as well as the importance of yearly camera inspections for your sewer line.

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