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While many people think of water treatment systems as being primarily residential, here in Orange County, poor water quality affects everyone – even commercial buildings! In fact, any commercial building that offers or uses water, whether to drink or within appliances, could reduce their environmental impact, waste less water, conserve appliances and reduce harmful contaminants in the water all at once! If you own a building anywhere in Orange County, CA, including Anaheim, Fullerton and Yorba Linda and you want to install a commercial water treatment system, call Barker & Sons today!

Commercial Water Filtration

If you run a restaurant or commercial kitchen, or even if you just want to provide drinking water to your employees, call Barker & Sons for commercial water treatment! Commercial water treatment has a number of benefits over traditional water coolers, including:

  • Reduced bottled water costs
  • Reduced risk of injury when dealing with heavy bottles
  • Improved sanitation thanks to point-of-use water filtration
  • Better taste for any food or drinks prepared with water

At Barker & Sons, we offer a variety of commercial water filtration systems, including carbon filtration and reverse osmosis, and we can help you determine the best type of water filtration for your building. If you want to install a commercial water filtration system in your building, call Barker & Sons today!

Commercial Water Softening

No matter what industry you’re in, hard water can pose problems for the appliances in your building. From restaurants with dishwashers and industrial sinks to hotels and hospitals with washing machines and other major water-based appliances to farmers with complex irrigation or hydroponic systems, commercial water softeners can help every business save money and conserve their plumbing appliances.

If you want to install a commercial water softening or water treatment system in your Orange County, CA building, call Barker & Sons today!

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Hydrojetting - The Ultimate Way To Knock Out Clogs.

Before you start thinking you need pipe replacement, call Barker & Sons. We’ll bring in the big guns – namely, the hydro jets! Hydrojetting involves blasting clogs in your pipes with a high-pressure stream of water that will break up your clogs and send them down the drain so you won’t have to worry about drain clogs for a long time.

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We are a family owned and operated business serving Orange County for the past 35 years. Our team of plumbing experts provide common courtesy, respect, quality work, and professionalism to clients for any job – big or small. We guarantee 100% of all services we perform and are available 24/7 to personally answer calls when you need us.

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