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Are leaks getting you down? You need copper & PEX piping!

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Even a little leak isn’t good when it comes to your pipes. Not only does it cost money and aggravation, it can also lead to bigger leaks! Have you noticed your water bills getting higher each month? Has your water pressure been “off” lately, so much so that it takes twice the time to rinse the shampoo out of your hair? Or worse yet, do you get scalded in the shower when someone else flushes a toilet? Chances are you have a leak somewhere, hidden out of sight.

At Barker & Sons, solving leaking pipes is one of our specialties.

What Choice Do I Have?

Most homes in our Orange County service area were built using copper piping. Copper is a very durable material and is a great improvement over homes built prior to 1970, which used galvanized iron. The good news is that most repairs to copper piping are fairly easy and in most cases will not require a complete pipe replacement.

The better news is that today you have a choice in pipe alternatives. PEX piping (or crosslined polyethylene) was approved for use in the U.S. in 1980 and has several advantages over metal pipe (including copper) or rigid plastic pipe.

Did You Know…

  • Poorly installed copper piping, while durable, is more susceptible to pinhole leaks underneath your foundation? Elements in the ground under the slabs can cause copper pipes to wear down.
  • Barker & Sons Plumbing will reroute your pipes right — the first time (overhead in your attic, instead of underground, where the elements can destroy our work). Give us a call and you’ll never have to worry about the elements destroying your pipes again!
PEX Repiping Anaheim | Orange County | 714.630.8766
  • PEX piping is resistant to scale and chlorine and will not corrode.
  • PEX piping works well in hard to access areas and curves easily, leaving fewer areas for potential leaks. Copper piping requires joints to go around curves.
  • PEX piping is both durable and flexible (and quieter) than other pipe materials.
  • PEX can be hooked up to existing copper pipes, saving you money from a complete pipe replacement.
  • PEX is less expensive than copper and doesn’t transfer heat as readily, therefore conserving energy and saving you money. The manufacturer also provides a 25-year warranty!

You have choices, even when it comes to something like repairing leaky pipes. While copper piping may be best for some, PEX may be the right choice for others (duct tape, dear friends, is NOT an option).

So how will you know what’s best for you? Call the repiping experts at Barker & Sons Plumbing, your trusted source for helping you make the best decision on pipe repair for your home or business. We’ll get in and make the repairs quickly so you can get back to more important things, like taking a hot shower without being scalded when the sprinklers come on. Let our professionally trained experts get your pipes running back at full capacity with copper or PEX piping, or a mix of both!

  • Save money from having to install new pipes
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all Barker & Sons services
  • Reduce water loss & improve efficiency
  • Improve water pressure
  • Clean, rust-free drinking water