The Future of Plumbing is Bright With Barker and Sons  We want to congratulate our very own Bryce Epperson who, was part of our Ride and Decide Program, for receiving a four-year scholarship from Fluidmaster!  Though many schools advise their students that the next step after high school is college —  out of those whoRead article…

For many homeowners, a clogged drain can seem like something that occurred due to the habits you’ve created in your home. Whether it’s from not utilizing a hair catcher or flushing everything and anything down your toilet, many minor clogs and drain issues could indeed be caused by you. However, there are certain instances whereRead article…

Though we hate to say it, summer is quickly coming to a close, and with comes the start of a busy, filled school year for many. As many parents and children start to adjust to the schedule and get their school supplies and clothing ready for the autumn ahead, your plumbing can often get neglected,Read article…

Are you aware of your household appliances lifespan? Most homeowners don’t even give it a second thought until a breakdown occurs. In fact, at times, this lifespan can be cut drastically short by reasons entirely in your control. One of those reasons being hard water. Orange County has pretty lousy water quality. However, we oftenRead article…

You deserve to have clean, safe, and fresh tasting water straight from the tap. However, many Orange County homeowners are unaware of the quality of their water. Does it have a not so refreshing taste? Does your home buildup soap scum with ease? If so, hard water could be the reason, and water testing mightRead article…

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