Back to School Habits Harming Your Drains

Though we hate to say it, summer is quickly coming to a close, and with comes the start of a busy, filled school year for many. As many parents and children start to adjust to the schedule and get their school supplies and clothing ready for the autumn ahead, your plumbing can often get neglected, mainly your drains.

A busy schedule leads to more showers, more bathroom use, and often more of a rush to get everyone ready and out the door. With this, can come to some new habits that ultimately may lead you spending your weekends waiting for a plumber.

 To avoid a significant clog, and keep your drains working all year long, here are three everyday habits you’ll want to avoid.

1. Leftover Lunches and Dinner Scraps in the Sink

Whether it’s because you are running to an after school function, or scraping out lunchbox leftovers, you should always be mindful of what goes down your drain or in your garbage disposal. Many common foods can swell when wet or harden leaving you with a significant clog down the road. Scraping all scraps in the garbage is the most efficient way to ensure nothing harmful gets thrown down the drain. Also, invest in a drain catcher and change it often.

2. Letting The Shower Drain Fill Up

With after school sports, and daily activities, showers can become more frequent. If you are not fully equipping your shower drains with a drain catcher, you could be looking at a significant hair clog sooner than later. See, every time you take a shower that hair you shed mixes with the product and soap and creates a soapy mess that can stick to the inside of your pipes. Once it does, it can lead to a significant clog.

3. Not Watching What You Flushed

Remember that only two things should go down the toilet bowl, human waste and toilet paper. That’s it. Yes, we understand flushable wipes claim to be safe, but they still take a very long time to breakdown, sticking around in your plumbing for longer than desired and leading to a clog. Now anything else you want to flush should be placed in a garbage can instead.

For more information regarding your home’s plumbing and how you can keep it clog-free, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions and make any repairs you may have for us!