Reasons To Get A Garbage Disposal Unit For Your Home

A garbage disposal unit is a convenient appliance to have in a kitchen. Unlike plain old garbage cans, garbage disposals have no odors and rid the kitchen of potentially toxic bacteria. Garbage disposals also minimize the amount of garbage that needs to be taken to the curb to be picked up or taken to the recycling area in town. A garbage disposal unit also cuts down on the amount of cleaning up a homemaker has to do. It does all of this for years with regular cleaning and a minimal amount of maintenance.

A garbage disposal is installed under the sink and works by shredding waste in a chamber. When a switch is turned on, a motor begins to spin at nearly 2,000 revolutions per minute, and a shredder turns the food waste to pulp. When the kitchen faucet is turned on, the water flushes the waste through a discharge tube and into the sewer. In some houses, the waste might be sent to the septic system. However, the homeowner will have to check to see whether their own septic system can handle waste from a garbage disposal. They should also check if the building codes in the area allow a septic system to handle waste from a garbage disposal at all.

A homeowner should look for a garbage disposal unit that runs on at least 3/4 horsepower to make sure that the food waste is pulverized completely. It’s especially important that this happen if the waste drains into a septic system. The unit should also have a mechanism that will turn it off if the motor gets overheated and a mechanism that will auto-reverse the flywheel if there’s a jam.

The best way to install a garbage disposal unit is to let a professional plumber do it. This is a good idea when you consider how many sharp blades and moving parts a garbage disposal has. Though some minor repairs can be done on a garbage disposal by the homeowner, major repairs on a garbage disposal unit are best left to a professional.

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