Your Home Plumbing Inspection Checklist

Your plumbing, like many other systems in your home, is by no means a set-it-and-forget-it feature. Piping requires regular maintenance throughout the year and a watchful eye to keep the water in your home flowing issue-free. Here’s a handy guide to help you check the most important items off your seasonal plumbing maintenance list first!

  1. Make sure any exposed pipes are free of debris. There should be no signs of damage or corrosion and absolutely no leaks! Now’s the perfect time to re-up that insulation as well.
  2. Test your emergency shutoff valves. Can you locate your shutoff valves? What about the rest of your family members? Everyone should know how to turn off your water supply in the case of an emergency!
  3. Examine your taps for issues. Turn each tap on and off periodically. Do you hear and strange sputtering sounds or see any strange discoloration? Is the water coming out warm when it’s supposed to?
  4. Inspect your water heater. Give your unit a visual once-over, looking for leaks or corrosion. Remember to be very careful, as the water heater can be very hot to the touch!
  5. Make sure your meter is error-free. Every so often, it’s good to give your meter a check-up. Turn off the water supply, read the meter and wait. A few hours later, the meter should still read the same…  unless it’s broken!

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