Why is My Outdoor Faucet Leaking?

Does your outdoor faucet leak water every time you turn it on?

You’re only trying to water the garden and wash the car — why is this plumbing fixture spitting water at you like there’s no tomorrow?

Because it’s trying to tell you that it needs to be fixed, that’s why!

The Most Common Reasons for a Leaky Outdoor Faucet

It’s Leaking From the Handle

Turning the faucet on and having water dribble onto your arm (and down your elbow) is annoying every single time.

To remedy this leak, try removing the handle and tightening the retaining nut underneath — it could be loose. If this doesn’t solve your problem, then go close the water valve for that portion of your home’s plumbing.

With the water off, remove the retaining nut and faucet stem. There is a packing gasket on this faucet stem that will need to be replaced in order to stop water from leaking from the handle.

It’s Leaking From the Spout

The faucet has been turned off but there’s what still coming out of the spout of the faucet… what gives!?

The washer.

In order to replace the washer, you’ll need to remove the handle, the retaining nut underneath it, and the stem beneath that. Now that the faucet stem has been removed, you can remove the old washer (on the stem) in favor of a new one.

If water is STILL leaking from the spout after reassembling the faucet stem, retaining nut, and handle, then the valve seat of the faucet is broken and you may need to replace the entire faucet.

It’s Leaking From Under the Cap

If your faucet is frost-proof, it most likely has a vacuum breaker located on the top of the faucet.

What’s a vacuum breaker, you might ask?

Well, underneath the cap on top of the faucet (go ahead and pop that bad boy off), there is a piece called the vacuum breaker. Water coming from this area means that this piece will need to be replaced.

It should be made up of a few small parts. If you’re unsure of which part to replace, bring it to your local hardware store to find a match for each one.

If your outdoor faucet continues to leak no matter what you do to try and fix it, don’t fret!

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