Garbage Disposals 101

Every mother knows that a busy kitchen is a happy kitchen—but it needs to stay clean! As you host picnics and barbeques from your Anaheim home this summer, and the dishes stack up with food scraps in your sink, the last thing you want is to be overwhelmed with the cleanup.

So imagine effortlessly whisking it all away with just a flick of a switch. That’s the magic of having a garbage disposal. It doesn’t just save your kitchen from chaos; it saves you time and peace of mind to enjoy your home and kitchen to the fullest extent.

Why You Should Consider a Garbage Disposal

No one likes reaching into a sink clogged with soggy food scraps. That slimy mess leaves a nasty feeling behind, along with equally unpleasant odors. If you’ve ever faced the dreaded task of clearing out a clogged kitchen sink, you’ll really appreciate the magic of a well-functioning disposal. It’s like having a diligent little helper right under your sink, ready to whisk away waste to keep your sink clean and your kitchen smelling fresh.

What Can and Can’t Go Down Your Garbage Disposal

While garbage disposals are durable, they aren’t invincible. Feel free to send down soft food matter, vegetable ends, and even ice cubes, but keep materials like vegetable skins, eggshells, stringy vegetables, and, heaven forbid, cooking grease away from your disposal.

They can spell disaster and cause clogs faster than a teenager can make a mess of a clean room. Our helpful Garbage Disposal FAQ article covers this as well as all the do’s and don’ts for your home garbage disposal.

The Barker & Sons Solution

Here at Barker & Sons Plumbing, we’re well-versed experts in garbage disposal efficiency, clean, and green! We pride ourselves on our proper garbage disposal installation and maintenance service options to help you enjoy the ease of use and longevity of your home’s disposal.

If you’re looking to add a disposal unit to your kitchen, your disposal is acting up, or you want to learn more about our services, reach out to us. We’re here for you. Let’s keep those drains clear and kitchens clean!