What to Do if You Find a Natural Gas Leak

a closeup view of a gas stovetop
gas stovetop

Knowing what steps to take if your find a natural gas leak is imperative to ensure safety and health for your family and home. While natural gas itself is not poisonous, it displaces the levels of oxygen we need to breathe. Since people can die due to undetected or unrecognized gas leaks, in the event that you do detect a gas leak, it is important to know and take the following precautions:

Leave the area immediately and call your natural gas utility company. Do not continue to search for the source of the leak. An inspector or technician is needed to evaluate the problem and is more equipped to asses the amount of potential danger. Firefighters are also capable of handling natural gas leaks if need be.

Avoid all actions that may produce a spark or static that could potentially ignite the leaking gas. These actions include:

  • the use of electrical devices and appliances, including cell phones.
  • smoking or the use of open flames (matches, lighters, etc.)
  • trying to shut off the supply or gas-fired appliances yourself, instead of a trained gas utility technician
  • starting your vehicle

Who to Call

After a trained technician identifies and stops the leak, you will need to have the leak repaired. At Barker and Sons, we have qualified Orange County professionals who can do both identify and repair your leaks, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don’t wait to call!

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