Keeping Sliding Shower Doors Squeaky Clean


Sliding shower doors, though often left untreated, should be cleaned rather regularly to avoid build up mildew and soap scum. It might sound like a daunting task, but the truth is you can keep them squeaky clean rather simply, keeping these 4 ideas in mind:

Install Easy Clean Sliding Shower Doors. You can minimize the problem right from the get-go by opting for doors that come with Easy Clean treated glass. The treatment, a fine film applied to the surface, makes the glass smoother. Though you might not realize it, glass actually has a slightly uneven surface allowing bacteria to settle. With this smooth feature it is harder for mold and grime to take.

Use a Wipe Blade Daily. DAILY? You shower daily (or almost daily) so why not give your shower the same clean treatment? A daily wipe down with a nice clean blade helps the monthly chemical deep clean last.

Lubricate Your Rollers. You might be quick to forget the track and rollers but these too will ware and loose function without maintenance. Just a glob of Vaseline now and again can keep your doors sliding back and forth effortlessly.

Polish the frame. To keep the edges shining just the same use some warm, soapy water and a smooth cloth to polish the metal every now and then.

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