What to Know in the Event of a Gas Line Leak

Gas Leak, Barker and Sons

While gas line leaks are less common than they used to be, it is still important to be aware of basic protocol just in case!

For one, it is important to understand that natural gas is odorless, but an additive is mixed in to help ensure your safety. Therefore, if the smell of sulfate becomes present in your house, you might be experiencing a gas leak. At this point, all should evacuate immediately, before taking action to contact the local utility company or a technician that could help you.

Second, you never want to expose a naked flame to an area with a potential gas leak. Gas can take a while to clear and sometimes settles in small pockets. Since it is always combustible, it is important not to take any chances, such as lighting candles on a cake just a few days following a gas leak.

Lastly, you should never try a DIY project on a gas leak. Fixing them can be tricky and a professional has access to equipment that makes dealing with it safer.

At Barker and Sons, we offer leak testing, detection & repair services. Our highly experienced technicians can leave you feeling at ease when it comes to a gas leak. Visit our website for more information.