Drain Cleaning FAQ: “What is a Rooter?”

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At Barker and Sons we completely understand and can relate to what it’s like to be a homeowner. Although our team of experienced and specialized technicians tends to eat, sleep and breathe drains and plumbing, we realize that the same doesn’t go for you!

As a homeowner, you might not understand the ins and outs of drain terms and plumbing lingo but that doesn’t stop you from wanting a home and plumbing system that functions as it should. Therefore, we’ll make it simple.

What is a rooter? Though the term rooter now encompasses all drain cleaning machines, it was initially the invention of plumber Sam Blanc and his son who were on a mission to create a system that effectively cleared drains. This generic term “rooter” is now used the same way we tend to call all tissues “Kleenex”, etc.

Having been such an important development in the plumbing industry, revolutionizing the way we remove tree roots from sewer drains, the term rooter stuck even as new plumbing products and techniques developed. Prior to the rooter machine, the only option for finding and fixing a drain problem was digging up the yard, which was timely and destructive.

Today, it’s important to take advantage of such professional technologies, repairing drain problems before they progressively get worse. At Barker and Sons, we utilize the most advanced and up-to-date plumbing technologies to care for your home. Our Hydro Jetting services, for one, can even blast away the toughest drain clogs.

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