How To Save Water In Schools

School girl drinking out of water fountain

With the first day of school just around the corner and the California drought still in full swing, we want to dedicate today to discussing ways that water can be saved within educational institutions. Between water fountains, bathrooms and the water it takes to keep outdoor fields thriving alone, it’s only obvious that schools are a major source of water consumption all across the U.S!

If you’re a teacher or school administrator in Orange County or one of the surrounding areas, we hope you’ll keep the following in mind to minimize your use of water this school year:

  1. Consider upgrading bathrooms to have sensor-operated sinks. Choosing these fixtures over your standard faucet-operated sinks are certainly a worthwhile investment due to the way that they can prevent water from flowing unnecessarily.
  2. Only water the lawn when needed. Of course you’ll want to keep your school’s landscaping nice, but over-watering can actually encourage fungal growth and even disease. Not to mention, over-watering is a wasteful habit! And don’t forget – always aim for watering in the early morning or late at night to get the most out of the water you do use.
  3. This one’s a fun one  – get your students involved! Whether you complete a water conservation unit in the classroom or put together a school wide activity, giving students a hands-on opportunity to learn about saving water is a simple, yet effective way to instill good water habits in them both at school and even at home!

For more tips on how to save water in schools, take a look at this article from the Environmental Protection Agency.

If you’re familiar with Barker and Sons Plumbing & Rooter, then you know how important water conservation is to us. And if you aren’t, well, we’re here to tell you now! As a plumbing company that seeks to act in eco-friendly ways, saving water is one of our top priorities. To learn how we can help you go green with your plumbing and be a bit more environmentally conscious at home or in your commercial building, be sure to give us a call at 714.630.8766.