Ways To Retrieve A Ring That Fell Down The Drain

Wedding ring

Summer is a popular time for couples to say “I do,” but with more and more people putting a ring on it, the chances of losing an expensive piece of jewelry to the drain is also increased. So what are you to do if this situation unfolds during the next time you take off your wedding band before the shower or prior to doing the dishes? We’ve got a few tricks you can try for –

1. A ring that goes down the sink:
Disassemble the P-trap! The P-trap, which is a U-shaped pipe, is located right beneath your sink. Immediately after shutting off the water, place a bucket directly under this pipe and begin to take it apart. Once the pieces are no longer attached, allow the water to run out into your bucket and watch for your ring.

2. A ring that falls down the shower drain:
In this case, start by removing the shower drain cover. Once you can see down the opening, look for any sign of your ring – you just may be able to see its shine! If this holds true for you, you can simply use a retrieval tool to pull it up. However, if you can’t see your ring at first glance, you may need to use a wet-dry vac to pull up what is your drain, at which point you may be able to locate it in your vacuum’s tank.

3. A ring that lands in the garbage disposal:
If you take off your ring by the kitchen sink there is a chance that it could fall into the garbage disposal. To retrieve it, turn off the power and use kitchen utensils such as tongs to try and pull it up. Note: never try to use your hands! Should this approach not work, try the steps listed in example number one.

Being that your wedding ring is an expensive, not to mention sentimental, piece of jewelry, we know how critical it is to retrieve it before it’s too late! If after taking these steps you are still unable to locate your ring, we encourage you to give Barker & Sons a call! We offer various plumbing and drain services and can help you with the next steps in the retrieval process. For more information about the various services we can provide to Orange County customers, continue to look through our website or call 714.630.8766.