Why is My Toilet Making These Noises?

A sudden and new noise from your plumbing is never something you should ignore, especially when it comes from your toilet. Sometimes this abrupt commotion might occur with each flush, while in other cases, it can happen without warning or use.

No matter what the cause of these new sounds is, you’ll want to discover the root of why they are occurring.

Below are a few common noises homeowners have heard coming from their porcelain throne and what the cause could be: 

Flushing by Itself

If your toilet is suddenly taking it upon itself to make a flushing noise, there could be two things causing it. First, check and see if water is leaking from the tank into the bowl. This added water would alter your water level, causing the toilet to flush or “siphon” itself.

If this isn’t the case, damage or issues with your flush or fill valve could also be to blame. Take a look for any visible problems, or call your plumber to come to inspect and fix the issue at hand.

Gurgling Noises

If your toilet’s sudden and strange noise is a gurgling one, there is a good possibility you’re dealing with a blockage in your vent pipe. When this blockage occurs, air will get pushed out through your toilet, leading to that newfound noise your home is now hearing. 

A Sudden Hissing Noise

One of the more alarming noises is that if your toilet is suddenly hissing like your neighbor’s cat, a small flapper issue might be to blame. Commonly, over time this piece of your toilet begins to fail, and a quick replacement might be all you need to stop the hiss. Another typical cause of a hissing toilet is when the ballcock isn’t adjusted to the right level.

However, no matter the noise your toilet is making; it’s a sign it’s time to get your local plumber scheduled to come to take a look sooner than later. 

Toilet Repair and Replacement in Anaheim, CA

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