3 Jetted Tub Facts You’ll Want to Know

For many, a bathtub is the perfect home addition to help you get some rest and relaxation in. For those avid tub lovers, a jetted tub can be the next step up for personal care. A comfortable place to sit and lounge, jets that help move the water along, and the option to keep the water warm whenever you need it seems like a no-brainer, right? Well, that is if you don’t mind the extra care and cost. So if you are looking to make the upgrade and add a jetted tub in your bathroom, here are 3 facts you’ll want to consider before making your next

1. There are Two Operating Styles

Most jetted tubs come in two style types: an air jet bathtub and a water jet bathtub. The air jets work by pushing air into the water to create movement. Whereas a water-jet bathtub uses recirculated water to create movement. A water jet is known to provide a more pulsating massage and is better for therapeutic reasons, but the air jet option is easier to clean. So you’ll want to consider which better fits you and your household needs before purchasing a jetted tub. 

2. Installation Requirements Needs to be Considered

Can your water supply handle heating a tub this size? Can your electrical panel take on another item pulling power from it? Is the floor strong enough to house this new tub in your home? All these things should be considered before you make this next investment. It could require a bit of money to update your electrical and water heating system if you don’t.

3. Cleaning Can Take Some Time

Cleaning a jetted tub might seem like a normal household task, but the added jets require a unique set of cleaning instructions. Especially if you have a water jet tub. Though the tub cleaning is the same as any tub, the jets need a monthly (at a minimum) deep clean. Each brand differs, and all instructions should be read carefully. In fact, some will have you close the air valves while others will need them to stay open as you clean the tub. 

Distilled vinegar, baking soda, and a toothbrush might be some of the items you’ll need to keep your jets free from gunk and debris. Either way, routine cleaning will help keep your new jetted tub working at top efficiency. 

Of course, if you decide to make the change to a jetted tub, the team at Barker and Son’s can handle your tub, toilet, sink, and shower installation from start to finish.

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